glFTPd :: We make files transfer!

glFTPd is a very advanced ftp server with lots of possibilities. One of the main differences between many other ftp servers and glFTPd is that it has its own user database which can be completely maintained online using ftp site commands. Using ftp site commands it is also possible to see stats, view logs, execute scripts and do many more things. glFTPd runs within a chroot environment which makes it relatively safe. The glFTPd team continuously works on improving this free piece of beautiful software.

:: Features ::

glFTPd has numerous features making many complex and complicated setups possible. A number of the most important features are:

:: The history ::

glFTPd stands for GreyLine File Transfer Protocol Demon. It was named after the initial developer GreyLine. The first public release of this software dates back to the beginning 1998. It has since then evolved tremendously and is now used by many people world wide.

:: Add-ons / Scripts ::

It is really easy to implement new commands/functions into glFTPd because of its huge support for external scripts. New site commands which run specified scripts can be made, scripts can be ran before or after an existing site command or normal ftp command has been executed. Also is there the possibility to run scripts before or after the upload of a file to check the integrity of the uploaded file. These scripts are commonly called zipscripts. Modern day zipscripts can do very advanced things, keep stats about broken files and check the integrity of zip-archives or crc-check files with a supplied crc code (often supplied in a .sfv file). Add-ons and scripts for glFTPd can be found on many websites of many developers. In our links section we link to a few, but a quick search on the internet would show you much more.

:: Freeware ::

glFTPd is and always has been freeware. It is made public by the development team for anyone to use. Because we are completely non-commercial the release pattern and response times to bug reports and questions can vary. We are all just people who enjoy making a great product for the world to use.